Dark. Sinister. Menacing.

That’s how Aaron looked when a bolt of lightning offered a momentary glimpse of the basilica’s hall. But he wasn’t always like this. He had been the good and noble Lord Aaron once. Once, but that seemed a long time ago.


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Once upon a time in Italy, there was a town like no other. Scenic and abundant, with an unhurried air about its townsfolk. Most of the lands and its incomes belonged to Lord Aaron Salvatore, a just man endowed with both charm and wit. The Salvatores were one of the oldest names there and their estate had pride of place in the valley town. Aaron’s father had been loved and respected in equal measure. After his father’s death, the responsibility of carrying on their legacy fell in his hands. Aaron did all he could to be a worthy overlord; genuinely cared for the town and its residents, worked in their interest and solved any crisis that needed solving. He earned the respect of the townsfolk through his deeds and not his last name.

He was an ardent believer in the power of prayer. His faith in the Almighty was unshakable but the thing that mattered to him above all else was his family. His wife and children meant the world to him, gave meaning to his life and were the reason for his happiness.

Everything was perfect, the stuff of fairytales. Too perfect. Not for long though, dark clouds loomed over the horizon. Their peaceful town had been embroiled in a war they wanted no part of. Since they were all drawn into it, they had to fight. Fight for their lands, fight for their families and fight for peace in the valley. Lord Aaron wasn’t the kind of man to let his people die whilst he did nothing. With a heavy heart, he set out with his men to help bring an end to the war. He could not forsake his responsibilities and duties, no matter how much he hated leaving behind his wife and children. Before he left though, he prayed that his family did not suffer any harm. “I ask you not to protect me during the war; my family’s wellbeing means more to me than my own fate. Keep them safe when I’m not around to do it. That’s all I ask of you.”

After several months of fighting, the war was won. Fatigued, he returned home to find the town eerily calm. In his happiness and relief to be back, he didn’t notice that something was amiss. Upon reaching home, he found his home all deserted but for his butler. It seemed as though the man had aged years in a matter of months. He was uncharacteristically dishevelled and bandaged up. Aaron’s footsteps caught his attention and he looked at him with blank eyes. “They came at night” he said. “Armed men that hunted us like wolves and left behind a trail of blood and body parts. I was wounded, sprawled on the floor with the others and they took me for a dead man.”

All dead. Aaron just stood there looking as if made of stone. His wife, his lovely wife was lying there with the corpses of his children. Even his little daughter who he fondly called Strawberry. They were all dead. There was absolutely nothing he could do.

He stalked to the basilica through the desolate lanes. The night was dark and gloomy with the promise of a storm. The weather mirrored the turmoil in his heart. Once inside, he faced the almighty and set down the silver goblet he’d brought with him. The goblet was filled with blood! The blood of his family, the blood of his wife, the blood of his children, his daughter’s infectious laughter was in it, his son’s curious questions, his wife’s tender love, his time with them, his happy memories, his not so happy memories, his home and his life. He lifted the goblet to his lips and drank. He drank deep till there was nothing left.

“You mean nothing to me now” he raged. Everything he once held dear had been taken away from him. He was left with nothing. Nothing except:

Grief. Wrath. Vengeance.

This tale was narrated by a friend one dark chilly night whilst walking down a lonely road. I have taken the liberty to pen it in my own words.


In continuation to GoT Gyaan.

  • “Fear cuts deeper than swords.”

            — Syrio Forel, A Game of Thrones

We are all phobic to something or the other that makes us miss out on fun and certainly deprives us of some excitement we could’ve had be it water sports due to aquaphobia or bungee jumping due to agoraphobia. But I must say a little encouragement and that spontaneous rush of courage when faced with a fearful situation is all that it takes to overcome it…really! The more you hesitate, the harder it becomes to do what you fear. Like Nike’s tagline –Just do it! To sum it all up, the only thing we should fear is fear itself! Need more gyaan particular to your fear? Leave a comment (without any fear).


  • “If there are rocks to starboard and a storm to port, a wise captain steers a third course”

              — Asha Greyjoy, A Feast for Crows

All of us have felt that we were squashed between a rock and a hard place at some point or other, with no escape in sight. At times like these, it is best to take a step back and look at your situation afresh. You might just find a way out. Don’t let yourself be victimised by any situation, take full charge! Remember, the situation is always in your hands. It’s up to you if you want to make it or break it! Don’t shy away from help though.

  • “Words are wind. They cannot hurt you. Let them wash over you.”

            — Brienne of Tarth, A Feast for Crows

Haven’t we all met people who criticise us or try to bring us down for no apparent reason than out of malice, perceived superiority or simple boredom? Yup, that’s society! Believe me, if you start listening, or worse believing everything people tell you, you’ll go crazy! Best hear it from one ear and take it out the other we say. But yes, do take constructive criticism from your mentors, family and close friends, because these are the people who actually care and whose opinion makes a difference in making you a better person! People bringing you down? Don’t stay down, leave a comment! Being a psychology student, I believe in not judging people but empathising with them.

  • “No man ever truly knows what he can do unless he dares to leap.”

            — Euron Greyjoy, A Feast for Crows

Many people are diffident with respect to new situations. It’s human. But you’ll never know what lies at the other side of the rainbow unless you go have a look, would you? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may not find a pot of gold every time, but it’ll make you braver and you won’t regret that you couldn’t even muster a teeny tiny bit of courage. Don’t agree with me? Post your counterviews below.

got gyaan II


  • Step 1 – Melting chocolate.

Say what? Isn’t that what we were supposed to make? Yes but even when we make a salad, we don’t grow vegetables ourselves. We just chop and mix stuff.

To learn how to melt chocolate go here. I couldn’t have explained it better myself (Use chocolate Compounds for this purpose. I used MORDE Dark Chocolate Compound and melted it in BOROSIL microwave safe cookware).

  • Step 2 – Flavouring

To make plain chocolates, use Chocolate essence (Make sure any essence you add is oil based). This is the step where you can make this chocolate your own, experiment and go crazy. Add nuts, biscuit crumbs, strawberry essence or rice crisps. I mixed in some crushed TIC TAC SPEARMINTS for a minty flavour.


  • Step 3 – Moulding and Setting

Put above chocolatey awesomeness in moulds (Plastic ones, Ice trays anything!) of desired size and shape. No greasing required whatsoever. Set it in your refrigerator, not necessarily the freezer. It takes about ten minutes. You will know its set by looking at the bottom of the moulds, chocolate tends to contract away from the moulds.

  • Step 4 – De-moulding and Wrapping

Just overturn moulds on your counter-top, they should come away easily. A gentle tap if they are being stubborn 😛 Wrap chocolates in colourful wrappers (from any bakery or confectionery around) and place them in baskets/trays etc.

  • Step 5 – Sit back and admire your handiwork! Oh and eat your chocolates. 🙂


Words of wisdom can be found almost everywhere even in the most inconspicuous of places. The lyrics of a pop song, conversations with your siblings, a dialogue on your favourite TV show or from your 5 year old cousin. These are a collection of the choicest “words to live by” from my latest obsession, The Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) by George R.R.Martin.

I admit that it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible…at all! Will try not to be too preachy, excuse me if I become too philosophical.

GoT Gyaan

  • “Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it and it will never be used to hurt you.”
    ― Tyrion LannisterA Game of Thrones

The basic idea is one that all of us have heard sometime or other in a plethora of versions. Be yourself, Love yourself, Learn to laugh at yourself etc etc. But it will serve you well in this mean world, no matter who you are. Look at it this way: You’re a limited edition; learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Chances are that people may laugh at you only because they want to bring you down! No kidding! Being unconventional makes you stand above the rest.

  • “Any man, who says I am King, is no true king.”

― Tywin LannisterA Game of Thrones

A person who stands above the rest doesn’t need to state or declare his/her position to the world; it becomes pretty obvious to everyone by his/her actions. Have you ever seen Sachin Tendulkar going around praising himself? Nope, he doesn’t need to. But he is The Master Blaster. People who go on and on, desperately trying to make people realise that they’re the best suffer from a superiority complex. Their feelings of superiority exist just to counter or conceal their feelings of inferiority. So just remember, Actions speak louder than words. Want everyone to know that you’re the best, prove it!

If you are among those who has seen the HBO Series but stayed away from the books, stop right there. **Spoiler Alert**.

  • “Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you.”

― Petyr Baelish, A Storm of Swords

Too evil you say? Who in this day and age spends his life plotting and scheming? Well then let’s subtract the evil intent and put our own spin on it. Keep others guessing, try to do different things, Surprise Yourself once in a while. Don’t get in a rut.


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