For the uninitiated, Farfalle is a type of pasta that looks like a bow-tie.


  • STEP 1 – Boil pasta till al dente. Don’t forget to season the water with salt. Blanch veggies of your choice (baby corn, carrots, spinach, brocolli etc whichever you prefer).
  • STEP 2 – The White sauce. Melt in some butter and add plain flour (maida). I was told you can use wheat flour too. It’s the healthier option. Whisk in milk as required to get a smooth sauce like consistency. You can add in salt and pepper for flavour. Turn off the heat and stir in cheese.
  • STEP 3 – Toss some garlic, onion and bell peppers in a pan with oil. Transfer them to the simmering white sauce along with boiled farfalle and blanched veggies. To season it, I put in salt, chilli flakes and oregano seasoning (I like to save some of Domino’s Oregano Seasoning but that’s just a personal preference).
  • STEP 4 – Cook until its done to perfection and top off with olives. Voilà !


The guest author Pridhi, is the quintessential food lover.

I was thinking of something new and unique to cook, when my friend suggested that I make “MAGGI PAKODAS”. That tweaked my interest and I wanted to try them out immediately. I must say this recipe is so easy and fun to prepare and absolutely delectable. I thought I’d share this recipe with you. So, here goes.


( Serves 4, Preparation Time 5 minutes, Cooking Time 10 minutes )

1 packet Nestle Maggi

1 extra packet Maggi masala(Tastemaker)

Oil for frying

 For Batter

4 tbsp Gram flour (Besan)

1 Medium sized Onion (julienne)

3-4 sprigs Coriander leaves (finely chopped)

1 tsp Cumin seeds

1 tsp Green chilli paste

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

1 pinch Asafoetida

1 tsp Chaat masala

Salt to taste


Photo Credit: Pridhi


  • STEP 1 – Cook Maggi as usual along with extra tastemaker and keep aside. Make sure the Maggi is relatively dry. Heat oil in a pan to fry.
  • STEP 2 – While the oil is heating up we shall prepare the batter.  Add all the ingredients under batter in gram flour and make a smooth batter. Make sure there are no lumps. If you feel extra gram flour is required add accordingly. The batter should be able to coat the Maggi properly.
  • STEP 3 – Add salt to taste keeping in mind Maggi also has salt in it. Add Maggi into the prepared batter.
  • STEP 4 – Take spoonful portions and put it into the oil to fry until golden brown or crisp. Fry pakodas on medium flame. Place them on absorbent paper to soak excess oil. Sprinkle chaat masala and serve these lip-smacking pakodas with your favorite chutney and ENJOY it with your loved ones.

It would be great if you shared your “Maggi Pakodas” experience with us.

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This is our first post in the Nail Art Series. You can see the others – Nail Art 101 : All About Dots and Mix N Match Nails.

This is a departure from usual with something girlie. What do you get when you mix a girl and some free time? Most often than not the answer is something to do with clothes, makeup and/or gossip. In my case it turned out to be a Nail Adornment Session. I did have free time but not the right tools so I looked for inspiration and tips on YouTube. My first attempt was a debacle ! No, I am not exaggerating !

Nail Dress Up

The one on the left is the debacle. After that though, I was determined to do better on my other hand. This time what I did was:

  • STEP 1 – Visualising a Design and prepping for it.

I traced lines with a sketch pen on my nail according to the design in my head (I’m sure this is going to harm my nail somehow). Then used cello-tape to mark off the area I didn’t want nail polish on. That’s the picture on the right.

  • STEP 2 – Applying Base Coat

Then I applied metallic nail paint on the part without cello-tape. What this did was give me a clean line. Ideally I should have used the white strips that come in French manicure kits (Sorry, I don’t know what they are called).

  • STEP 3 – Adornment and Top Coat

This is the part where you can go crazy and experiment ! I put little dots with white nail paint on the diagonal line with the help of a toothpick. You can see the result below. Please excuse my lack of neatness and Top Coat. I’m a newbie and didn’t have any clear polish.

Dressed Up Nails

If I may say so myself, the second try isn’t bad at all. Free time well spent J

TIPS AND TRICKS – You can use the back end of toothpicks, matchsticks, bobby pins, old pens etc for dots of different sizes. Old Eye liner brushes work well for thin lines. You can improvise as you go along. For video inspiration go here. This YouTube Channel is a great help. Trust me !

So take notes and Dress up your Nails girls ! All you need is nail polishes and some creativity.

This post is dedicated to my friend who inspired me with her Nail Art page on Facebook – Punkster Nails.