Barney Stinson has educated, surprised and entertained us all with a gamut of theories, laws and codes.

(Sidebar – Those unacquainted with Barney Stinson, need to watch How I Met Your Mother. Now ! )

The 3 Days Rule tickled our funny bone, the Hot-Crazy Scale was pure genius and The Platinum Rule was LEGEN … wait for it … DARY. Legendary ! So what’s The Mermaid theory you ask ? Now The Mermaid Theory is based on the premise that a guy will eventually be attracted to a girl even if he didn’t think of her that way at first. The Mermaid Effect will kick in over time. In Barney’s own words :

“300 years ago, sailors stuck at sea would get desperate for female companionship. It got so mad that eventually the manatees out in the water started to look like beautiful women – mermaids. Every woman, no matter how initially repugnant, has a “mermaid clock”. The time it takes to realize you want to bone her. ”

— Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother


Photo Credit: E. E. Piphanies via Compfight cc

The catch here is that sailors began to perceive manatees as mermaids because there weren’t any females around. Would this really be the case if they weren’t bereft of female company ?

That little technicality aside, this makes me wonder; is it true the other way around too ? Can this theory be applied to girls? If yes, what would the theory be called ? The MerMan theory ? Okay, scratch that. That was just weird. What is the male equivalent of a mermaid called anyway ?

So the other way around would mean that a girl will be drawn to a guy sooner or later and her first impression of him will be of no consequence. The time it takes to realize this may differ between guys as seen in The Mermaid Clock reference. The clock, for say Tom Cruise will be just a few seconds when compared to someone less attractive for whom it might be days, months or even years. That can’t be true you say ? Well, it could and here’s why. In this article The Mermaid Effect is attributed to being near someone, spending time together or “mere exposure”.

True or not, suggestions for a better name than “The MerMan Theory” are welcome 🙂

This post is dedicated to a friend who recounted his own version of “The Mermaid Theory” long before I saw it on How I Met Your Mother.


What was the initial thought that popped into your head when you read the title of this post ? Your split second reaction ? Was it something along these lines ?

“They’re all talk”, “Be realistic. It’s a bad idea” and “I’d rather break up”.

OR Are you of the optimistic school of thought that says:

“I think we can beat the odds” and “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

Here are two opposing opinions on the matter that I came across on Thought Catalog. The first argues that such a relationship’s demise is inevitable.  The writer enumerates seven reasons for the same and I quote:

  1. It’s not a real relationship
  2. Words lose their meaning over time
  3. It demands too much
  4. You lose touch with reality
  5. You get tired
  6. You are miserable
  7. It’s not worth it

To read the full post go here.


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The second however, elaborates the other side of the coin. It spells out why every long distance relationship isn’t doomed for failure. Here are the five things the writer realized / felt grateful for, in his relationship. And I quote:

  1. The need to communicate
  2. You learn about your significant other
  3. You learn to truly appreciate time
  4. Time apart gives you time to develop individual habits
  5. Long distance means great sex

To read the entire article go here.

There’s one I stumbled upon that also provides some words of wisdom in this context (And I quote)

  1. The Physical Aspect matters more than you think
  2. Your partner will spend a lot of time with other people
  3. Time differences skew perspectives
  4. You need an end game plan
  5. Long distance relationships are 90 % promises

(If you wish to read more of this go here)

So there you have it. A round-up of LDR posts, for and against because I’m no expert.  To each one’s own I say !

What do you think of LDRs ?