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It’s almost New Year – a time to celebrate.  And no celebration is complete without delightful treats !! Speaking of treats, Pizza has always been one of my favourites. This time though, I wanted to try making Pizza from scratch. So I decided to give it a new look. I tried them for the first time and they turned out quite nice. It’s something which I’d make and eat again and again and again !

I would love to take this opportunity and share this recipe with you all. The recipe is as follows:

Pizza Cups (Makes: 7, Preparation Time: 1 hour, Cooking time: 30 minutes)

For the base

1 Cup Refined Flour

1 tsp Yeast Powder

1 tsp Sugar

1/8 cup lukewarm water

½ teaspoon Salt

1 tbsp Refined Oil


  • Take lukewarm water and add yeast powder and sugar to it. Sprinkle a little refined flour over the mixture. Set it aside for a while to activate.
  • In the meantime mix salt with your Refined Flour.
  • When the yeast rises, add it to the flour and knead it into a soft dough by adding water. Also keep adding refined oil little by little to the dough. Cover it with a moist muslin cloth and let it rest in a warm place until your dough doubles in size. Best place is to keep it in the microwave. It usually takes about 40 minutes for it to double in size.
  • Take it out and knead it again slightly and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now, sprinkle some refined flour on a flat surface and with the help of a rolling pin roll the dough and cut in into 7 small circles. They  should be about 3-5 mm thick.

Tip: Do not use hot water for the yeast otherwise it will die and will be of no use.

For the Sauce

2 finely chopped tomatoes

1 finely chopped onion

3-4 cloves of finely chopped garlic

1 deseeded green chilli finely chopped

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

½ tsp sugar

1 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt to taste


  • Heat oil in a pan.
  • Add in garlic, onion and green chilli. Sauté, until onions become soft and transparent. You can add a little salt to quicken the process.
  • Next, add in chopped tomatoes, sugar and tomato ketchup. Cook until tomatoes soften up.

For the Filling

1 chopped Tomato (Remove the centre so that you don’t have a gooey filling)

1 chopped Onion

1 chopped Capsicum

3-4 sliced Olives

Mozzarella Cheese


  • Add tomato, onion and capsicum in a bowl along with grated Mozzarella Cheese and mix well. (You can substitute this with a filling of your choice)

pizza pie1

For the Pizza Cups

  • Pre-heat the oven at 200 degrees centigrade for 10 minutes.
  • Prepare the muffin tray. Brush it well with Olive Oil (So that the crust becomes crisp).
  • Place the dough circles as shown in the picture above.
  • With the help of a spoon spread your sauce all around the base and place the filling.
  • Top it with some more Mozzarella Cheese and Sliced Olives.
  • Place it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees centigrade and serve.

pizza pie2pizza pie3

*Drumroll* Tadaa …Care for a Pizza Slice anyone ?? Oh wait sorry. It’s a Pizza Cup 🙂

Photo Credit : Pridhi

pizza pie4


There are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make that mistake and look back and say,

“ Yup, that was a mistake.”

So really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because you’ll go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not !

–          Lily Aldrin, How I Met Your Mother


For the uninitiated, Harvey Specter aka Gabriel Macht is a character on USA Network’s TV series SUITS.


Photo Credit : GabboT via Compfight cc

And what has this guy said that inspired a whole blog post you ask ? Here it is.

Harvey: “What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?”
Mike: “You do what they say or they shoot you?”
Harvey: “Wrong. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things. If you can’t think for yourself, maybe you’re not cut out for this.”

— Suits

The idea is to Be Street Smart (not just Book Smart); Think Outside the Box, Think on your Feet or whatever name you choose to give it. Because the world will try to push you around, treat you like a door mat, stomp all over you and not give a damn about what you want.  It is up to you to take care of yourself and your needs.

That is not to say that nobody is on your side. The key is to recognise who these people are and who are just pretending to be.

So, the next time you are in a seemingly hopeless situation and it feels like you are backed up against a wall, Think #wwhd (What Would Harvey Do 🙂 )


The Director of the movie “Besharam” said in an interview that he’d like to change the way people use this word and give it a new meaning.

I agree.

The box office collections of Besharam notwithstanding, a little bit of besharmi can actually be good for you.


Photo Credit : wstera2 via Compfight cc

As Ranbir Kapoor puts it, “Besharam is an attitude. It’s where you listen to your heart and follow it.” So how exactly does one go about being Besharam like him ? Go here for some advice.

Okay, not really ! Being Besharam would mean that you don’t worry about others judging you, ridiculing you out of spite or being otherwise unsupportive. “I could make an effort to be liked but I’d rather be hated than inconvenienced.” – Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty) People close to you will accept you for who you are and at the same time also offer constructive criticism but for the rest, I think Ms. Slater got it right. “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Being Besharam would mean that you put yourself first once in a while. Pamper yourself, for if you don’t can you really expect anyone else to do the same ? Be happy because if you are a mess yourself, how will you be there for those you care about ?

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is Being Besharam. Not being afraid of saying what you feel and standing up for what is right is Being Besharam. Being street-smart means Being Besharam.

Being Besharam could also mean that if you want something, you go ahead and confidently put yourself out there. No over-analysis, not being too concerned about the odds, no unnecessary worrying about the past and no looking back ! A word of caution here, being Besharam may mean taking chances but it certainly doesn’t mean being thoughtless or irresponsible. Too much of anything can be bad for you  😛

Aaja sab ko dikha de ban besharam,
Dil khole seena taane ban besharam.
Aaja thumka laga le ban besharam,
Dil khole seena taane ban besharam….

                                                                 —- Himanshu Kishan Mehra, Besharam