Read something interesting recently. Zero to Hero : 30 Days to a better blog , a post that my friend brought to my attention. A big Shoutout to her (You can find her blog here).

As the name indicates, bloggers are given a task everyday for 30 days at the end of which their whole blogging experience will improve. Day 1 of the challenge entails writing an Introduction to one’s blog and/or about the bloggers themselves.

Now, I already have an “About” Section but still wanted to be a part of this. Call it a New Year Resolution for the blog or simply an excuse to say “Challenge Accepted” like Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother fame 😛 If the result is a better blog, who wouldn’t want to give it a shot ?

Photo Credit : LUCASANTOS_18 via Compfight cc

So how exactly do I plan to take my blog from zero to superhero you ask ? The blueprint looks like this:


2 kilograms Thoughts, 2 cups Humour, 1 cup creativity, 6-7 slices of Philosophy, 4 cloves of Wit (finely chopped),

1 tsp Gibberish X 10,00,000 and a pinch of epiphany.


Blend Thoughts, Philosophy and Gibberish in a grinder until it is smooth and easy going. Pour through a sieve and then add Humour, Wit and Creativity to make it light and interesting. Sprinkle epiphany. Grill your mind (Oops ! I mean the mixture) for 3 hours. Finally, slather chocolate syrup generously (Because everything seems better with Chocolate 😛 ).


Serve piping hot in epic proportions with Pictures (for visual delight) and Tags (as many as you please). Enjoy to the fullest and share with your loved ones !

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