Instead of rambling about how and why I came up with this blog in a 500 word essay, I thought I would sum it up using my own version of the theme song created by Barenaked Ladies for show – The Big Bang Theory.

A fan made Video. Song Credit : Barenaked Ladies

I have played around with the lyrics a little to reflect the story of my blog. This is a tribute to an amazing show and its cool theme song. Hope you like it !

My whole life was in a run-of-the-mill state,

Then four to five months ago ideation started… Wait !!!

My mind began to whirl,

Thoughts began to swirl,

I found WordPress,

I started a Blog (I wrote some posts)

Khamakha, Sugar and Spice, ज्ञान to philosophize

That all ended in this theme song ! Yeah !!!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I’m a fan of the show. I suggest that you read/sing it in the same tune for desired effect. To read more about the blog you can go here.

(This post is part of the Zero to Hero : 30 Days to a better blog assignment for Day 3)

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