Some matches are made in heaven. One such is Strawberries and Chocolate 🙂 When women are in doubt as to what they should wear, they go with “The Little Black Dress” which always works. Strawberries in Chocolate are the proverbial LBD of cooking.

Here’s 5 ways you can use this combination in your recipes.

20140303_221259 copy

  1. ON ITS OWN AS A NO FUSS DESSERT – This has to be the simplest dessert ever! Two ingredients and you’re all set. The perfect end to any meal, a midnight snack or an instant pick me up when you’re feeling low.
  2. WITH PANCAKES – Turn that plain savoury pancake into a mouth-watering delicacy by topping it up with chopped strawberries and molten chocolate.
  3. AS CAKE TOPPING/DECORATION – A simple decoration for a chocolate sponge cake or for a burst of flavour with your cheesecakes, you can do no wrong with strawberries and chocolate. Not only will it taste good, it will also look like a million bucks!
  4. OVER ICE CREAM – Bored with plain ice cream ? How about some fruit dipped in chocolate syrup for a scrumptious sundae. You could layer them in shot glasses and serve with a sprig of mint as garnish. Or sprinkle some toasted nuts / seeds for crunch.
  5. WITH YOUR MORNING CORNFLAKES – While this pairing may not be for everyone, it is a unique twist to your breakfast menu.

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Is there another way you use this combination in cooking? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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What do you do when you want to try out a nail art design but don’t own the right tools? You “make do” with something available at home. All you need to start is some nail polishes in the colours you love, a transparent top coat, toothpicks, duct tape and Patience!

20140215_230017 copy

First pick a base colour of your choice and paint it onto you nail. Customise using dots (use toothpicks for the dots and duct tape to cordon off the parts you don’t want nail paint on) and let it dry. Finally add a clear top coat for a shiny result.

The size of the dots can be varied simply by using the pointy end of the toothpick for smaller dots and the back end for slightly larger ones. The designs you can create with just dots are endless. You could do dots in a single horizontal/vertical file, use them to create a flower or just fill your nail with arbitrarily patterned dots of different colours!

So gather your nail paints and design away!