Date somebody who does not fall in any category, someone whom you’ll discover everyday!

Date a person who cannot be put in a stereotypical box. Date someone that will constantly surprise you. She/he might like to travel, be a homebody or listen to Pink Floyd. Their favourite ice-cream flavour might change every year, they might love pets or they might not. They may like to read comics as much as Wordsworth poetry or watch Gossip Girl with the same level of enthusiasm as El Clásico.

Date somebody whose personality is dynamic and unique. Date somebody whose moves cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. She/he might be a romantic at heart and still not be comfortable expressing his/her feelings, they may like music but not dance or they might be confident and modest at the same time. Learn to embrace their perfect imperfections, because, at the end of the day, you’re not perfect yourself.

Date a person that does not confirm to your watertight personality classifications, someone who disproves your misconceptions and turns your prejudices on their head. There are no clichéd persons in the world; human beings are not that simplistic. We all have complexities in our personality and behaviour.

Date somebody who does not fall in any category, someone whom you like being with.

* Inspired by the numerous “Date a guy/girl who” posts going around online. Have you read the post that got it all started? If not, go here.

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