Slow and steady, or in the blink of an eye ;

We never know when we’ll have to say goodbye

Goodbye to our old constant state

Time certainly doesn’t wait.


Change is inevitable, change is life

Heavenly as honey or deadly as a knife !

How we perceive it is entirely our view

This transition, this motion that leads to the new.

Photo Credit: Nanagyei via Compfight cc

Don’t fret, don’t sweat is what I say

Everything is going to be okay.

Change is good, its nature’s law

You don’t know the destiny God saw.


The best response is to welcome it with arms open wide ;

Keep calm and let all your apprehensions slide !


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Photo Credit: Surprisingly we met, Suddenly I fell, Haphazardly we indulged, Endlessly we talked, Deeply I felt, Open heartedly you responded, Unconventionally I approached, Calmly you reacted, Inadvertently I explained, Thoroughly you understood, Amazingly…


Sitting idle, only my thoughts to accompany me

About what my score is going to be.

It’s maddening; this wait,

As I gaze bleakly at the calendar date.


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What if I don’t make it ? What if I do ?

Will things happen as I want them to ?

As the day of my results draws agonizingly close,

Exhausted, I sink my head in my pillows.


Worrying accomplishes nothing; they say.

I ponder, whilst in my bed I lay,

What’s there to be afraid of ?

It’s time to shed away my fears and doze off !


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