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Consider this, all of us use a particular of face wash that suits our skin type. A different one if you have oily or dry skin; and another for normal skin. But have you ever tried to alter your skin type in order to use a specific face wash ? Sounds silly right ?

Why don’t we apply the same logic to clothes ? Why desperately struggle to lose/gain weight to “fit in” ? Extend the same logic to your natural complexion. Why is there a demand for fairness creams or tanning sprays ?

Every “body” is beautiful. Instead of trying to blindly follow fashion trends which sadly demand anorexic looks, why not dress according to our own body shape. Add a little “smart” to fashion. Embrace yourself ! Dress yourself up with the same amount of enthusiasm you had when you were 5 and played dress up ! Similarly, add a little “smart” to your makeup routine. Use colours which suit you and avoid emulating your favourite celebrity (what suits her may or may not suit you). Good fashion sense will take you a long way apart from instilling oodles of confidence in you. There isn’t a particular standard for beauty, its all in your head.

body shape

Photo Credit: jaimelondonboy via Compfight cc

You aren’t the one who needs to change. The beauty products, clothes/accessories you purchase must be altered in accordance with your skin type/body shape etc. God created us the way we are now, why try to be someone else ? We are all beautiful in our own way.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken !

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