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I had to change schools after 10th grade from one which had a great bunch of students, (in the truest sense of the word) to one whose students had the reputation of being rich, spoilt brats. Like any other teenager, I had my share of ups and downs during high school. But in the end I feel that I have a better understanding of people and how to live life. So here’s the compiled highlights of my newfound wisdom.

  • People will talk about you behind your back, spread rumours, poke fun or judge you. I was no exception but the only way to evade this would be to not do or say anything at all ! I have learnt to accept and be at peace with this fact and carry on as usual because if I actually start listening or even worse, try changing myself in a bid to impress them, I’ll be their slave. I have learnt to simply BE MYSELF.
  • One’s clique or group of friends determines how they turn out. Being around good people goes a long way in building your character. I had really bad company initially, but I hung out with them nevertheless.’ I am strong-willed, I won’t be negatively influenced’, I thought. But soon enough my grades started deteriorating and I got into trouble with my parents. I learnt that being alone is better than being with bad company. We should try to BE AROUND PEOPLE WE WANT TO BE LIKE.
  • Helping our family members and close friends in times of need is our responsibility, but I feel that we shouldn’t let anyone else’s needs come above our own. I have learnt to PUT MYSELF FIRST. Self before Service !  Attempts to go out of your way to help others, at our own expense, just to get in their good books is a no-no.

high school

Photo Credit: M I T C H Ǝ L L via Compfight cc

  •  ‘If so many intelligent people think so, it must be true, right?’ I had a tendency to go by whatever the “smart” people or the majority had to say. I now know that mindlessly following the majority like a herd of sheep isn’t the way to go. I have a brain/mind of my own which I should use to think rationally and logically. I have learnt NOT TO SUCCUMB TO PEER PRESSURE and do what’s right for me in accordance with my core values.
  • APPEARANCES ARE DECEPTIVE. People do not come with warning signs like “Beware : Bad influence” or “Jerk Alert”. Not everyone is how they outwardly project themselves. I now know not to trust anyone blindly and that a tiny bit of scepticism goes a long way in defending oneself from two-faced people.

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