Photo Credit: Abdullah AL-Naser via Compfight cc

1. Workout Selfies – What better perk of going to the gym than workout selfies ? Unlimited bragging rights, pictures to post on Facebook/ Instagram and a fabulous body if we stick to our training schedule !

2. Meeting new people – A plethora of people visit our nearest gym, be it college students, stay at home moms or corporate slaves. We might just find our new best friend among them. One conversation is all it takes to get it all started.

3. Facial glow – As if getting a toned, healthy body and an increased stamina after working out wasn’t enough; our face acquires a magnificent glow !  Exercise helps open up our face’s pores, thus giving our skin a natural radiance.

4. Bird Watching (And its equivalent for females, whatever that is) – That hot guy with a six pack, the really cute trainer, the gorgeous blonde that visits our gym or the pretty receptionist who works there is reason enough to never miss our daily workout.

Photo Credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist via Compfight cc

5. A Distraction – Between jobs ? Just had a break up and have a lot of free time ? Need a break from your monotonous schedule ? Want to constructively utilise your time ? Then head to the gym ! It will relieve you of your stress to boot !

What’s your reason for going to the gym ? Leave a Comment below and let us know 🙂

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