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At some point in our lives all of us have had to endure a conversation we’d rather not have. Be it bumping into your Ex at the mall, being polite to a neighbour you don’t really like or being made to socialise with a particularly nosy relative. These conversations can be awkward / embarrassing and can make you tongue-tied. So, when I find myself in such a sticky situation where I am ill at ease; I find the following techniques useful.


Your own Smartphone can come to your rescue. Fake a phone call. For this you need to know your phone well because some of them already have this feature. Alternatively, you can download an app for the purpose. Or just text your buddy to do the needful. Just discreetly trigger the fake call and escape!

*Phone rings* “Sorry, I have to take this call. I’ll catch up with you later.” (And by later I mean never! *evil laugh*)

“Oops! I have to rush because I’m getting late and my friend’s waiting for me! Bye!”


People love to talk about themselves, and this is the foible I use to my advantage. The trick is to ask the person engaging questions about themselves. You will be surprised by their tendency of getting carried away. Just shift gears and mirror their questions right back at them. Brownie points if you touch upon something which they are proud of. Incite their narcissist side!

“Wait a minute, is that a new phone? What? When? How?”

“Forget about that. Tell me how’s your dog?”

“Enough about me, look at you! Oh my God you look fantastic! What’s your secret?”


The coolest way of escaping is to joke your way out of the conversation. Humour is a great way of reducing the seriousness of the situation and can convey your message in a light-hearted manner. Make Sarcasm and Wit your best friends.

“You can see me! Damn that invisibility potion I bought from eBay.”

“I don’t talk to people who don’t watch football.”

“Can’t talk right now, need to go rob a bank !”


When all else fails, stop beating around the bush. Be direct and straightforward.  Sometimes, being vocal about your discomfort proves to be the best way of evading such a talk. The idea is to be firm, but polite. Look them straight in the eye, but watch your tone which shouldn’t seem rude.

“I really don’t want to talk about that right now.”

“I don’t discuss personal stuff at work.”

Know a better way of evading uncomfortable conversations? Or have a memory you would like to share? Feel free to comment below and let us know !


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