What I Learnt from THE BIG BANG THEORY

Photo Credit: /colorinchi via Compfight cc

What I learnt from PENNY Being book-smart isn’t enough to navigate through life. One needs to be street-smart .

Penny does not have a PhD like the rest of the characters; she might not have gone to an Ivy League college (just community college) but even Mr. Know-it-all a.k.a. Sheldon has acknowledged her smartness on more than one occasion. She is definitely wiser than the other characters when it comes to social situations, relationships etc.

What I learnt from LEONARD – The Art of Tolerance.

Living with an eccentric roommate like Sheldon is no mean feat. To put up with his whims and fancies for so long definitely takes a lot of endurance. Driving him everywhere, adhering to the Roommate Agreement etc. The guy deserves a medal. I mean don’t you remember the episode in which Leonard found him lost in a ball pit trying to form molecules?

What I learnt from SHELDON No matter how weird/quirky you are, you will find that special someone that likes you and finds your idiosyncrasies adorable.

Yes, it’s none other than Amy Farrah Fowler.  Amy has had an influence on him in many ways and he’s now doing things he’d never have imagined himself doing for her. Sure, she has some different expectations from this relationship, and some people might say their relationship isn’t even a relationship in the proper sense of the word but for Sheldon it is very intimate.

What I learnt from HOWARD Don’t let the fear of Failure/Rejection bring you down

Howard Wolowitz has had his fair share of failure/rejection when it comes to women and relationships but he kept trying. He kept making his “moves” on one girl after another with confidence until he met the one he eventually married. Granted he went a little overboard with his “moves” but you get the point !

What I learnt from RAJ – Instead of chasing after anyone and everyone and being in relationship just for the sake of being in one, we should work on our fear of being alone.

As Sheldon pointed out to Rajesh, we shouldn’t be in a relationship just because we hate to be alone. Desperately trying to get someone – ANYONE to date you isn’t the way to go. Being in a relationship with a person that isn’t right for us is never better than being on our own.


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