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The month is of December. Early in the morning, I wake up, get ready and am off to college like any other regular day. But the moment I step outside, it doesn’t feel so regular; and the reason is the chilly breeze, that icy gust of wind which blows over my face and brings the deadly realization to my mind, oh no! It’s that time of the year again – WINTER! While all my friends are posting silly “ Winter is here ❤ ” status updates, I brace myself for several weeks of uneasiness, discomfort and mood swings.  Winter has never made it to the top of my favourite seasons and here’s why:

  • I always catch a cold during the winter. Medicines become my constant comrades.
  • My productivity hits an all-time low because the only thing I feel like doing is sleeping and eating in my blanket because it’s just so warm and fuzzy. I become the PRO in procrastination.


Photo Credit: Sunshine Lady ! via Compfight cc

  • Since I’m in bed all day, lazing around and doing nothing, I get fat, very fast. And all those    bulky woollen layers of clothes make it even worse. Bundling up in layers and layers of jackets, sweaters and scarves does nothing for my figure. So after No-Shave November, No-Shape December becomes the story of my life.
  • Mentally preparing yourself to go and take a bath is equivalent to going into fierce battle. Waiting for the geyser to heat up the water adds to my irritability.Days are shorter, it gets dark early. Everything looks bleak and grey. My already strict curfews are more harshly applied. I love sunshine and my freedom, thank you very much.


Photo Credit: Denis Collette…!!! via Compfight cc

On the face of it, winter snow does look pure and pretty but the picture isn’t that rosy. Nevertheless, I’ll brave through it like I do every year…somehow.


  1. OMG…I know how you feel! I totally agree about motivating oneself for a bath! I get super moody. This year, we bought the biggest lamp from Ikea and put the brightest bulb in it. I put it on every day and it makes me feel much better. Winter is pretty till you’re indoors. But getting stuck indoors is pretty horrible! In the summer, you can just go sit in the park and read. In winter, no way is even a short walk around the block pleasant. And say nothing about the expense on snow tires. It’s pretty while it’s snowing only if you aren’t driving or aren’t going to be driving or walking around in the next 3 months. The slush and the slipping and falling…no thank you!

    • Hey ! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time out to leave a comment 🙂 I read your post “7 Positive Things About Winter” and it motivated me to look at Winter in a more positive way. Since there’s no escaping it , here’s hoping both of us actually enjoy it this year – Happy Winters !

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