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That rave moment
 Photo Credit: Michael Leza via Compfight cc

Magic, madness, heaven and sin
In every direction, this party that I’m in
Six hundred souls twice my age
A world where all the rules have changed.
Out-of-control fests, many a people label
To me, it’s just like a philisophical fable.
No judgement, no fear, just acceptance
Along with EDM gives rise to this intense experience
It doesn’t sound so bad,
This western urban fad
Go underground and lose oneself ;
Taste this moment and liberate yourself !

*DISCLAIMER – Author has taken liberty/ poetic license while writing this piece and does not promote raves.



 Photo Credit: † massimo ankor via Compfight cc


Will you walk with me,

Just stroll without any destination in mind ?

Will you listen to my woes

And kiss my tears away ?

Will you befriend my family

And celebrate with them ?

Will you bring me flowers ;

Laugh at my jokes ?


Can I hope for respect,

for my feelings and my persoanl space ?

Can I confide in you ;

Offer advice and counsel ?


Can I have faith in you ;

Or do expectations inevitably lead to disappointment ?