#UnpopularOpinion : IN DEFENSE OF CYNICISM

A is sitting in a bar. B comes over with a drink and offers it to A along with a compliment.

Its possible that A is so good looking that B is smitten and wants to initiate a conversation. Perhaps even a
relationship. Or you know, B might be a serial killer looking for another target with a spiked drink.


C is talking to a neighbour D. The neighbour claims to know a lot about scrips and stock markets.
The neighbour proceeds to guarantee a very handsome return on C’s savings if given complete control over the money and all investment decisions.

Its possible that D is an investment wizard and makes more money from money. Or you know, D might run away with C’s hard-earned cash.


‘Start your day with – Once upon a time, it might just end Happily ever after.’
If that made you roll your eyes, this feature’s for you !

If you scoff at the idea that Life is full of rainbows, sunshine and butterflies
(read – ‘A fairy-tale’), this one’s for you.

When something ridiculously good happens, you pause and look for the catch before getting consumed in a wave of euphoria. Does that sound like something you’d do ? Then read on.


Contrary to popular belief, being cynical (caveat – in moderation) isn’t necessarily all that bad.
Being suspicious of people and their motives means that we do not trust people by default. People have to earn our trust through their actions, prove that they’re sincere. We do not judge them on the basis of mere words. Words can be sugar-coated, twisted around, untrue or exaggerated but logic seldom fails us.

Cynicism is a weapon against selfish and greedy people whose sole purpose is to get their way even if it means
hurting others. We are not vulnerable or naïve. Being Cynical means that if something seems too good to be true, we take a step back and review the situation thereby reducing the risk of falling down head-first. We tread cautiously, are sceptical of people who say they are doing something just for us, without hoping to gain anything in return.

Being fearful can be good. It keeps our senses on alert, warns us of all possible dangers thereby preparing us for the worst. Instead of being complacent and later shocked when things go sideways, we can take swift action and turn around the situation. Anticipating problems gives us more time to think of ways to tackle them.

In this big bad world, Cynicism is an armour that guards us against heartbreak. We are rarely disappointed, disillusioned when negative things happen. Our expectations are never unrealistic, unlike those with overly hopeful hearts.

Having said that, we should not be confused with paranoid, negative and pessimistic people. The key is to be cynical in moderation (mentioned above as caveat). When things do not go as planned, we panic less, spend less time stressing and more time fixing the issue at hand. Being Cynical ensures that when in life we meet people that pass our “cynicism armour”, we can trust them and their words. When they do things out of the goodness of their hearts, we know and appreciate the same. Genuine people surprise us and win our favour.
Since our expectations are always reasonable, results are often be better than what we imagine and bring greater joy.

Photo Credit: Francis Storr via Compfight cc

Have you ever been in a situation where being cynical turned out to your advantage ? Leave a comment below and tell us !

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