A while back, we wrote about “5 Cool Superpowers to have” that were completely imaginary. Very different  from mainstream superpowers aka invisibility, super-strength, laser eyes, supersonic speed, telekinesis  or the ability to fly. This feature serves as the second edition, delving into the depths of our fanciful  minds to bring you five more surreal superpowers that would be quite handy in our daily lives.

I. Magic Winged Eyeliner Wand
They say you should never ask a woman wearing winged eyeliner why she is late.  Many women would agree that applying winged eyeliner onto eyelids requires time, practice and precision.  But what if there was a superpower that could turn ordinary eyeliner brushes into a magic winged eyeliner wands at will ? Stuff of dreams indeed. No more time wasted ensuring wings on both eyelids are identical, no more Q Tips/ Cotton pads used to correct mistakes and yes to hassle-free perfect wings anytime, anywhere !

Winged eyeliner
Photo Credit: hj91 via Compfight cc

II. Every Shoe Fits
You are out buying yourself a new pair of shoes when you spot an amazing pair that you just can’t wait to try.  When you request the sales assistant for ones in your size however, its out of stock 😦  How many times has this happened to you at a store or even while shopping online ? What if you had a superpower though,  one that could miraculously transform any shoe (of any size) you like into a size that fits you impeccably ?

Photo Credit: Thrifty Look via Compfight cc

III. The Perfect Pantry
This cool superpower enables its user to simply think of a specific dish he/she would like to make,  and all necessary ingredients in exact quantities required magically appear in his/her pantry.

Spaghetti and meatballs ? Done ! Blueberry Cheesecake ? Yes, its possible !
You don’t have to spend hours in the supermarket, farmer’s market etc. to source fresh quality ingredients.  Also, gone are the days when you have to drop the idea of making something because one of the main ingredients isn’t in your pantry at the moment and you’re too lazy to go out and get it.


Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens via Compfight cc

IV. Celebrity Calendar
Missed a book signing of your favourite author because you didn’t check your twitter account for updates ?
Your favourite actress was at a store launch in your city and nobody told you, much less give you a VIP pass ?
Couldn’t see your favourite music artist perform because the tickets were sold out ?
What if there was a superpower that would mark all relevant book signings, concerts and other celebrity events to your calendar with direct links to websites selling passes/tickets etc. with a snap of your fingers ?


 Photo Credit: OtterFreak via Compfight cc

V. Bubble of no insults
Oftentimes we face situations where we have to be in the midst of certain people who taunt us, ridicule us or even  insult us. There may be no justified reason for the same but to stoke their egos, display their false sense of  superiority, put you down, pull you back, hurt you or just be rude. You might not want to stoop to their level by hurling  a few taunts of your own or be too shocked/ angry to come up with witty retorts. In some cases, said person might be an older family member or someone in a position of authority over you. Social constraints might render you voiceless. This amazing ability is your shield to block out insults by people who are being unnecessarily mean to you. It creates a protective bubble around you and filters out harmful insults, you will not hear them at all ! While a traditional shield saves you from physical harm, this one will give you mental peace.

Bubble Photo Credit: subewl via Compfight cc

Featured Image Photo Credit : JD Hancock via Compfight

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