What is Girlnextdooritis ?

A condition prevalent in women whereby men only seek friendship, not romantic involvement.

“I suffer from girlnextdooritis where the guy is friends with you and that’s it.”
– Taylor Swift

Although it isn’t harmful to physical health, it may create emotional concerns.



What symptoms are associated with Girlnextdooritis ?
If you have observed one or more of following signs, you may have Girlnextdooritis :

  • The men you meet do not ask you out or show any intention of ever doing so.
  •  You are classified as “one of the guys”.
  • You are stuck with the “cute” tag. You try to shake off this tag but feel like you are fighting a losing battle.
  • Men only call you when they need help with work or setting them up with other women.

You may experience embarrassment, discomfort, loneliness and/or heartache. This might restrict your love life.

What causes the condition ?
Doctors do not fully understand exactly why some females suffer from girlnextdooritis. Factors such as being a homebody / low-key or predictability can increase risk of this ailment. Lack of sex appeal and initiative may be related to this condition but no scientific proof exists to verify this claim. Tests conducted to determine whether a positive family history is a risk factor
of girlnextdooritis have been inconclusive.

Who is most susceptible to Girlnextdooritis ?
It has been generally observed that females who are shy, have a sweet demeanour or whose beauty is understated are most susceptible to girlnextdooritis.  Unassuming, modest and easy going women who are considered great friends are more prone to this condition.

Once a girl has been afflicted with this condition, is it likely to go away ?
This has been a constant topic for debate. One school of thought believes that one is highly unlikely to be cured of this condition.
On the other side of the scale are people who say that a structured prevention program including lifestyle changes can enable one to control girlnextdooritis and lead a normal life.

Is prevention / treatment possible ?
Evidence suggests that being a bit more extroverted, engaging in meaningful conversation and charming everyone with your sense of humour can actually bring down the risk of girlnextdooritis. Smiling and having a positive body language renders you more approachable.

However, doctors advise AGAINST completely altering your personality in pursuit of a cure. Changing the very thing that makes you YOU, can be injurious to health.


**Disclaimer – The points enumerated in this post are fictitious (a figment of imagination). Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.**


  1. Haha even meaningful conversations don’t help! Coz then you become the yaar that’s not like other girls but so easy to talk to. You become more of a dude that they can have senti talks with before they go for the pursuit of #thehotchickwhoisnotintheirleague. I think a post on the male disease of ConfusedSillytis should be next 😉

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