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They say one must never stop learning. Whether you are five or fifty, new things must be learnt. There is no end to knowledge. There is also no scarcity of it. Life lessons are everywhere. In the movies you see, in the articles you read, in the conversations you have and in the experiences you gather. There is also a lot to be learnt from the food we eat (Yes ! You read that right !) This feature is dedicated to simple things we have learnt from Indian Sweets – Laddoos and Jalebis 🙂




Laddoo, this tiny sphere of deliciousness can be made using a multitude of ingredients namely coconut, dates, fluor, dry fruits and even chocolate. Whatever the ingredients may be, one thing is common – each and every laddoo is a flavour bomb exploding in your mouth. This makes us wonder, how can so much goodness be packed into such a small delicacy ? It must be because good things come in small packages !




If you live in India or have ever visited the place, tasting a pipin hot Jalebi is inevitable. If you haven’t yet, stop reading this and go indulge in some right now ! Do it !

When someone is eating this oh so scrumptious sweet, they’re mostly feeling blissful and savouring each bite. But sometimes in the midst of it all its shape makes you wonder about the age-old adage – What goes around comes around. They say you reap what you sow, your actions come back to haunt you and if you work hard now, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour later. Other oft repeated sayings include – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and also the slight more colourful – Karma is a b**ch.



Do you also see life lessons (or Gyaan as we call it) in the food you eat ? Share your tidbits of wisdom with us by leaving a comment below and we will feature it in forthcoming posts 🙂

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Some matches are made in heaven. One such is Strawberries and Chocolate 🙂 When women are in doubt as to what they should wear, they go with “The Little Black Dress” which always works. Strawberries in Chocolate are the proverbial LBD of cooking.

Here’s 5 ways you can use this combination in your recipes.

20140303_221259 copy

  1. ON ITS OWN AS A NO FUSS DESSERT – This has to be the simplest dessert ever! Two ingredients and you’re all set. The perfect end to any meal, a midnight snack or an instant pick me up when you’re feeling low.
  2. WITH PANCAKES – Turn that plain savoury pancake into a mouth-watering delicacy by topping it up with chopped strawberries and molten chocolate.
  3. AS CAKE TOPPING/DECORATION – A simple decoration for a chocolate sponge cake or for a burst of flavour with your cheesecakes, you can do no wrong with strawberries and chocolate. Not only will it taste good, it will also look like a million bucks!
  4. OVER ICE CREAM – Bored with plain ice cream ? How about some fruit dipped in chocolate syrup for a scrumptious sundae. You could layer them in shot glasses and serve with a sprig of mint as garnish. Or sprinkle some toasted nuts / seeds for crunch.
  5. WITH YOUR MORNING CORNFLAKES – While this pairing may not be for everyone, it is a unique twist to your breakfast menu.

20140303_221858 copy

Is there another way you use this combination in cooking? Leave a comment below and let us know.


This is the fourth Guest Post on the blog. Also read the first three – Maggi with a Twist ! , Cauliflower Fritters and Pizza in a Cup.

We asked Drizzling Delicacies to share a recipe with us and we got a no-bake, hassle-free dessert that is surprisingly light and gelatine-free! Without further ado, let’s get on with making Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes.

(Makes 2)

½ cup chocolate cookies (crumbled)

2 tsp butter (melted)

1 cup fresh cottage cheese

1 tsp hung curd

2 tbsp sugar (powdered)

2 tsp cocoa powder

Chocolate Sauce

1 ½ tsp butter

2 tsp cocoa powder

2 tsp sugar (powdered)

3 tsp water


  • Line a muffin tray with 2 paper cups which will act as a base for the Cheesecake.
  • Add melted butter to the cookie crumble and mix well. Cover your paper cups with the mixture so that it takes the shape of a bowl and place it in the refrigerator.

Cookie CrumblePhoto Credit : Drizzling Delicacies


Photo Credit : Drizzling Delicacies

  • Add cottage cheese and hung curd in a mixer grinder. Give it a whiz to make a paste. Add fresh cream if required. Then mix in powdered sugar and cocoa powder.

CheesePhoto Credit : Drizzling Delicacies

  • Take out the base from the refrigerator and with the help of a piping bag swirl the cheese mixture onto the base.
  • Top it up with chocolate sauce. (To make the Chocolate Sauce, combine all the ingredients in a non-stick pan and heat for about a minute. Then keep aside to cool) Keep in the refrigerator to chill.

cake7Photo Credit : Drizzling Delicacies

cake10Photo Credit : Drizzling Delicacies

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