#UnpopularOpinion : IN DEFENSE OF CYNICISM

A is sitting in a bar. B comes over with a drink and offers it to A along with a compliment. Its possible that A is so good looking that B is smitten and wants to initiate a conversation. Perhaps … Continue reading



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She saw HIM, across the room as her gaze fell
His eyes – brown or black ;
From this distance she couldn’t tell.
Her sensory receptors seemed to be on attack,
By their dazzling sparkle, oh so bright !
He stood with poise, spoke with conviction.
Her mind grew aflutter at this sight,
And she smiled in silent admiration.

Her first impression of him was indelible.
She prayed with all her heart,
For him to be single and available ;
For an enduring relationship to start.
Little by little, she got to know more
Through friends, shared projects and trips
He was genuine, witty, warm to the core ;
Easily able to tease a smile from her lips.

When they spoke, there was no filter
A sense of ease emanated.
Many a ballad in her mind, did enter
At this providence life had orchestrated.
He was her pipe-dream turned into reality ;
Fantasies ran in her mind helter-skelter.
She fell for him totally, utterly & entirely
Hook, line and sinker !



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Thoughts were positive, dedication was absolute ;

Hopes were high, Expectations completely bare

Your enthusiasm made even the nay-sayers go mute,

Then life threw a spanner in the works, it’s just not fair.

Intentions were good, Faith was unwavering ;

You put in a lot of effort, you really did care.

But in the end all was futile and unrewarding

Because sometimes, life’s just unfair.

It was unpredictable, that small hiccup

They said the chances of failure were rare.

External factors at play, your dream they broke up.

Why, oh why does life have to be so unfair ?