Once upon a time, in a land far far away

There lived a girl, her disposition sullen and grey.

Her eyes unseeing, her countenance staid

Her lonesome figure clothed in plaid.

 Then from the corner of her eyes, she noticed a light

Something sparkling, shining so bright.

A new pair of golden shoes, brilliantly dazzling

Her mother placed before her – “a gift for my darling”.

golden shoes

 Photo Credit: murilocardoso via Compfight cc

She wore them, hopped, skipped and played

Her neighbours’ envy, their jealous stares betrayed

Nothing could wipe off her lovely smile

In her new shoes, she walked many a mile.

They were unconventional, they were new

Never seen before, except by a few

Indeed a distinctive possession, for a unique lady

An equally unique adventure followed lately

 She chanced upon a girl, young and bright

Pulling a cart in the scorching sunlight.

Her lack of footwear didn’t slow her down

She worked gaily, without any frown

Two choices waited for her decision

She parted with her golden shoes without hesitation

Strangely she didn’t feel bereft or repentant,

As she walked home barefoot, still buoyant.

 She realized something that day

An epiphany, some might say.

The antidote for a life dull, boring or bitter

Was just a little bit of GLITTER !