DEVIANT DEFINITIONS : New words for the Dictionary



Fashion + Pain = Fashain

When fashion becomes painful. Yes high heels, we’re looking at you. You look sexy but hurt so bad. And you, luxury handbag. You burn a hole in our pocket, it is very difficult to shell out all that cash. Anything and everything we do in the name of fashion that causes us pain. We might do it to fit in, follow trends or because we’re conditioned to believe that if we don’t do these things we won’t be loved or considered beautiful and popular. That there’s something wrong with us that needs to be fixed.



Aunty + Interfere = Aunterfere

When a “well-meaning” aunty – a neighbour or a distant relative maybe, pokes her nose in our business. She wants to know what we are doing, who we’re hanging out with, when we’re getting married, when we’ll have children, why we came home later than usual yesterday, who’s texting us right now and how much money we are making. She might be a busybody, may have run out of fresh gossip and wants to replenish her stock or have too much time on her hands ; hence the interest in our private life. She believes it is perfectly justified to question our personal decisions and even try to influence them.



Amused + Confused = Amfused

When we can’t describe what we’re feeling. Its a mixture of amusement and confusion. Anything can evoke this feeling – a new dress, something our friend mentioned, an age old custom some people follow, architectural design or even food at a restaurant.



Fearful + Excited = Feaxcited

When we feel scared but also excited. The first day of school, moving to a new city, going on a blind date, getting married, leaving your childhood home for one of your own or quitting your current job to follow your passion. The unknown variables make us nervous but the possibilities and opportunities that promise us a different but better tomorrow have us skipping with joy.


1. Wit turns you on


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Some people are attracted to physical beauty and some to money. If you find yourself  inexplicably drawn towards your witty classmate though, you might be a sapiosexual. There’s just something
about a person who is both smart and amusing. Their quips curve your lips into a smile, their unique brand of sarcasm  is insightful and refreshing.

2. Inaccurate grammar is a deal breaker


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There’s a guy / girl you really like. You strike up a conversation and flirt a little. You are rewarded for your efforts and he / she shares their number with you. You are so excited to receive their first text message but when it arrives, well let’s just say that its heart-breaking.
Having said that, this in no way means that a potential partner must be good at the English language in particular. All you want is for them to be fluent in their language of choice, to be able to hold a conversation with ease (without grammatical / pronunciation errors).

3. You are attracted to writers

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And by writing you certainly don’t mean “Wanna frandship with me” , “Thiz iz da thang” or “Sumthin lyk dis”. You mean people who not just string words together, but whose writing is deep and meaningful. Those who manage to warm the cockles of your heart through their poetry or those who write letters to you. Through their writing, they are able to stir thoughts, feelings and notions. Sometimes you are left with questions, other times some answers. Sometimes they write about plain truths, genius in its simplicity. And sometimes, things are worded in a manner so beautiful, you could never have even imagined it.

4. You enjoy interacting with people who read for fun


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If they quote Charles Bukowski, they’re your best friend ! They are inquisitive and you love to discuss books, characters, plots and storylines together. You can argue with them, play devil’s advocate, analyse pros and cons and even have serious conversations at 2 a.m.
They are open-minded and you feel understood with them. They get you.

5. You respect people who know the difference between “YOUR” and “YOU’RE”

Also, the difference between commuting and communicating (Yes ! Some people get confused). You do not expect everyone to have the same level of expertise as an linguistics professor but it is essential for them to be aware of the rudimentary nuances of their choice of spoken / written language (whichever that might be).

X (texts) – “Your adorable.”

Y (replies) – “No. You’re adorable.”

Now X likes Y. All Y did was point out a typo !


Source – gifgifs