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Will you walk with me,

Just stroll without any destination in mind ?

Will you listen to my woes

And kiss my tears away ?

Will you befriend my family

And celebrate with them ?

Will you bring me flowers ;

Laugh at my jokes ?


Can I hope for respect,

for my feelings and my persoanl space ?

Can I confide in you ;

Offer advice and counsel ?


Can I have faith in you ;

Or do expectations inevitably lead to disappointment ?



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Thoughts were positive, dedication was absolute ;

Hopes were high, Expectations completely bare

Your enthusiasm made even the nay-sayers go mute,

Then life threw a spanner in the works, it’s just not fair.

Intentions were good, Faith was unwavering ;

You put in a lot of effort, you really did care.

But in the end all was futile and unrewarding

Because sometimes, life’s just unfair.

It was unpredictable, that small hiccup

They said the chances of failure were rare.

External factors at play, your dream they broke up.

Why, oh why does life have to be so unfair ?