Because most of us have siblings – brothers, sisters, twins, step-siblings, foster siblings or adoptive siblings.



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The Bodyguard’s number one goal in life is to (you guessed it) PROTECT you. Usually an older sibling that you can count on when you need a ride late at night, scare away unwanted or shady people and even rough up your jerk of an ex !


Partner in Crime

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Want to go to a movie, play laser tag, visit the new art gallery in town, plan a surprise for your significant other, experiment in the kitchen or just laze around and watch TV. This sibling is your “go to” person. He/ She is open to trying out new things and knows how to have fun. What’s more, you are super comfortable with them.



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You have a love-hate relationship with this sibling. Your perspectives and opinions are so varied that you end up fighting over most things. Which channel to watch on the TV, who gets the remote, who gets the last slice of cake, which colour should the bedroom be painted – the battles that ensue are no less than a wrestling match.


sweet devil

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Watch out for this sibling, because he / she is the picture of perfection when your parents are around BUT turns into a devil when alone with you. Remember Megan of “Drake and Josh” fame ?



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Money, your car, clothes – the list goes on. As the years roll by, only one thing remains constant – your sibling borrowing stuff from you.



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When the teacher asks you to write an essay about someone who inspires you and is your role-model, who do write about ? Your Sibling of course. You imitate them and hope that someday you’ll grow up to be just like them.


Over Achiever

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This sibling is taller than you, smarter than you, prettier than you AND gets better grades. They’re good at everything they do and your life is constantly compared to theirs. Everyone makes it a point to tell you how you’re falling short of the benchmark your “perfect” sibling has set. Sometimes you wonder, are they really an upgraded version of yourself ? Is your situation like Luke Dunphy (of Modern Family), always overshadowed by Alex Dunphy and her achievements ?



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You can ALWAYS count on this sibling to get you out of sticky situations. He / She will be there for you Anytime, Anywhere ! Have a math test and need a tutor ? Need relationship advice ? Looking for a travelling partner ? Need help convincing your parents to increase your allowance ? Fret not, your superhero sibling will come through for you.



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This sibling is like a third parent. Usually older than you, they take babysitting to a whole new level. They make you do chores, scold you when you’ve done something wrong and sometimes even take stay up at night until you’ve returned home safely.



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You never get to see or spend much time with this sibling because they’re either studying abroad, living by themselves or staying in another city due to work. You exchange pleasantries on the phone and meet them over the holidays, but that’s just about it.

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I can’t believe I’m writing this;

Thought this day would never come.

After all these years of sisterly bliss,

This is the rhyme that I now hum.


Didn’t you realise how special you were to me;

How much I did to make this work?

Your hurtful words pained me, couldn’t you see?

During our last parley where you acted like a jerk !


We were almost inseparable, you and I

Shared secrets, gossip, shopping and all the fun;

I never wanted it to end, but all I can say now is goodbye.

People are calling this a fight, but neither side has won.


We’ll never meet again, because that’s how you want things to be,

Time will heal me surely, a little bit everyday.

Now, I’ll shift my focus to the people who really value me

No hard feelings, I’ll simply walk away.

no friend
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Dark. Sinister. Menacing.

That’s how Aaron looked when a bolt of lightning offered a momentary glimpse of the basilica’s hall. But he wasn’t always like this. He had been the good and noble Lord Aaron once. Once, but that seemed a long time ago.


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Once upon a time in Italy, there was a town like no other. Scenic and abundant, with an unhurried air about its townsfolk. Most of the lands and its incomes belonged to Lord Aaron Salvatore, a just man endowed with both charm and wit. The Salvatores were one of the oldest names there and their estate had pride of place in the valley town. Aaron’s father had been loved and respected in equal measure. After his father’s death, the responsibility of carrying on their legacy fell in his hands. Aaron did all he could to be a worthy overlord; genuinely cared for the town and its residents, worked in their interest and solved any crisis that needed solving. He earned the respect of the townsfolk through his deeds and not his last name.

He was an ardent believer in the power of prayer. His faith in the Almighty was unshakable but the thing that mattered to him above all else was his family. His wife and children meant the world to him, gave meaning to his life and were the reason for his happiness.

Everything was perfect, the stuff of fairytales. Too perfect. Not for long though, dark clouds loomed over the horizon. Their peaceful town had been embroiled in a war they wanted no part of. Since they were all drawn into it, they had to fight. Fight for their lands, fight for their families and fight for peace in the valley. Lord Aaron wasn’t the kind of man to let his people die whilst he did nothing. With a heavy heart, he set out with his men to help bring an end to the war. He could not forsake his responsibilities and duties, no matter how much he hated leaving behind his wife and children. Before he left though, he prayed that his family did not suffer any harm. “I ask you not to protect me during the war; my family’s wellbeing means more to me than my own fate. Keep them safe when I’m not around to do it. That’s all I ask of you.”

After several months of fighting, the war was won. Fatigued, he returned home to find the town eerily calm. In his happiness and relief to be back, he didn’t notice that something was amiss. Upon reaching home, he found his home all deserted but for his butler. It seemed as though the man had aged years in a matter of months. He was uncharacteristically dishevelled and bandaged up. Aaron’s footsteps caught his attention and he looked at him with blank eyes. “They came at night” he said. “Armed men that hunted us like wolves and left behind a trail of blood and body parts. I was wounded, sprawled on the floor with the others and they took me for a dead man.”

All dead. Aaron just stood there looking as if made of stone. His wife, his lovely wife was lying there with the corpses of his children. Even his little daughter who he fondly called Strawberry. They were all dead. There was absolutely nothing he could do.

He stalked to the basilica through the desolate lanes. The night was dark and gloomy with the promise of a storm. The weather mirrored the turmoil in his heart. Once inside, he faced the almighty and set down the silver goblet he’d brought with him. The goblet was filled with blood! The blood of his family, the blood of his wife, the blood of his children, his daughter’s infectious laughter was in it, his son’s curious questions, his wife’s tender love, his time with them, his happy memories, his not so happy memories, his home and his life. He lifted the goblet to his lips and drank. He drank deep till there was nothing left.

“You mean nothing to me now” he raged. Everything he once held dear had been taken away from him. He was left with nothing. Nothing except:

Grief. Wrath. Vengeance.

This tale was narrated by a friend one dark chilly night whilst walking down a lonely road. I have taken the liberty to pen it in my own words.