I can’t believe I’m writing this;

Thought this day would never come.

After all these years of sisterly bliss,

This is the rhyme that I now hum.


Didn’t you realise how special you were to me;

How much I did to make this work?

Your hurtful words pained me, couldn’t you see?

During our last parley where you acted like a jerk !


We were almost inseparable, you and I

Shared secrets, gossip, shopping and all the fun;

I never wanted it to end, but all I can say now is goodbye.

People are calling this a fight, but neither side has won.


We’ll never meet again, because that’s how you want things to be,

Time will heal me surely, a little bit everyday.

Now, I’ll shift my focus to the people who really value me

No hard feelings, I’ll simply walk away.

no friend
Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez – via Compfight cc


Slow and steady, or in the blink of an eye ;

We never know when we’ll have to say goodbye

Goodbye to our old constant state

Time certainly doesn’t wait.


Change is inevitable, change is life

Heavenly as honey or deadly as a knife !

How we perceive it is entirely our view

This transition, this motion that leads to the new.

Photo Credit: Nanagyei via Compfight cc

Don’t fret, don’t sweat is what I say

Everything is going to be okay.

Change is good, its nature’s law

You don’t know the destiny God saw.


The best response is to welcome it with arms open wide ;

Keep calm and let all your apprehensions slide !