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They say one must never stop learning. Whether you are five or fifty, new things must be learnt. There is no end to knowledge. There is also no scarcity of it. Life lessons are everywhere. In the movies you see, in the articles you read, in the conversations you have and in the experiences you gather. There is also a lot to be learnt from the food we eat (Yes ! You read that right !) This feature is dedicated to simple things we have learnt from Indian Sweets – Laddoos and Jalebis 🙂




Laddoo, this tiny sphere of deliciousness can be made using a multitude of ingredients namely coconut, dates, fluor, dry fruits and even chocolate. Whatever the ingredients may be, one thing is common – each and every laddoo is a flavour bomb exploding in your mouth. This makes us wonder, how can so much goodness be packed into such a small delicacy ? It must be because good things come in small packages !




If you live in India or have ever visited the place, tasting a pipin hot Jalebi is inevitable. If you haven’t yet, stop reading this and go indulge in some right now ! Do it !

When someone is eating this oh so scrumptious sweet, they’re mostly feeling blissful and savouring each bite. But sometimes in the midst of it all its shape makes you wonder about the age-old adage – What goes around comes around. They say you reap what you sow, your actions come back to haunt you and if you work hard now, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour later. Other oft repeated sayings include – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and also the slight more colourful – Karma is a b**ch.



Do you also see life lessons (or Gyaan as we call it) in the food you eat ? Share your tidbits of wisdom with us by leaving a comment below and we will feature it in forthcoming posts 🙂

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This is the second post in the SATC series. Read the first one – 10 Poignant Questions Raised by Carrie Bradshaw in #SexAndTheCity here.

1. Best friends = Soul-mates

When Charlotte York observed, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” it opened up a whole new world of thought. Partners may come and go but your friends stay with you through thick and thin, so it is only natural that we accord the coveted “Soulmate” status to them !


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2. You DON’T have to succumb under societal pressure with respect to marriage/ children

Society never ceases trying to make everyone adhere to what they think is “right”. The right age to get married, the right time to have kids, the right number of kids and so on and so forth. But it is high time we do only what’s right for us. Case in point – Miranda had a baby (and raised him) with Steve but didn’t marry him until she was certain he was “the one” and that’s what she wanted to do. She didn’t let the fear of “what people might say/ think” affect her life-changing decision.


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3. Marriages are hard work

After the big fat wedding, with the princessy dress and the enchanting venue comes the hard part. Every (Yes ! each and every single one) marriage has issues / problems that the couple has to work through. Even Carrie and Mr.Big’s marriage hit a rough patch.


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If you love designer labels, shoes and a dose of retail therapy every now and then, you should definitely work hard and save enough to get yourself a walk-in closet.

Manolo Blahnik

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5. It’s alright to frankly discuss sex

With people you are close to ofcourse ! Your friends and even your partner. It should not be considered shameful or wrong. Having said that, this does NOT mean that lewd/ obscene comments should be encouraged. Healthy and meaningful discussions about sex help inform, educate and ward against STDs and unwanted pregnancy.


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6. Every relationship has problems

Everyone has issues. Trust issues, Communication issues, Over-Spending, Possessiveness, Jealousy, Anger-management issues etc. Since each one of us is flawed, so are our relationships !


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The scene is of a dining room. The hostess has painstakingly prepared an experimental dish which she serves to her guests. The guests comprise of a lady and her children. The guests eagerly taste her creation.

Hostess : “So, what do you think ?”

Lady : “Umm..It’s not quite working for me actually.”

The children look on wide-eyed at their dialogue and say nothing.

Later that day, on returning home.

Child 1 : “Why did you tell her that you didn’t like her dish straight to her face?”

Lady : “Because that’s how I really felt about it.”

Child 1 : “Wasn’t that impolite ? You probably hurt her feelings.”

Child 2 : “Wouldn’t it have been better if you’d appreciated the dish and her efforts even if that meant lying ?”

This scene brings certain questions to the fore.

Was the Lady really wrong in expressing her frank opinion ? Is it alright to lie just to spare someone’s feelings ? Would the Hostess be better off with false praise ? Will honest criticism help her refine the dish or dampen her confidence in the long run ?

I’m the kind of person who is brutally honest about my feelings and opinions. I strive to sincerely express what I think about others and I actually like it this way. But every now and then I’m chided by for being too blunt. The following conversation is one I’ve had numerous times.

“You shouldn’t have said that”

Me : “Why ?”

“You just shouldn’t have !”

The general complaint for my affliction of truthfulness is that it upsets people and often comes across as rude. But wouldn’t they like to know what I really think ? Wouldn’t they benefit from constructive criticism? Wouldn’t they like to know where they’re going wrong ? Has being fake become the way of life now, the acceptable thing to do?

honesty 2
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I have seen people who candidly confess their feelings (both positive and negative) regarding a certain someone to EVERYONE ELSE except the person concerned. Sometimes they behave in a completely different way in front of them and flip one-eighty when they’re not around. Shouldn’t these feelings be discussed with the person concerned ? Won’t being deceitful will hamper relationships in the long run ?

What if I was the person concerned and people talked about me behind my back ?

I would like to know how a person really feels about me. I personally, would like everybody to tell me the ugly truth rather than raise my expectations by innovating pretty lies. It’s better in the long run. I wouldn’t want to live a life that was an illusion, confined in a little bubble of lies. I want to be at peace with the supreme reality. It’s funny how everyone wants to know the truth, but nobody’s willing to say it.

Whenever I’ve lied in the past, it’s been like a burden placed upon my head. Being transparent gives me satisfaction as I’m not deceiving anyone, not even myself. But, the downside to being transparent though, is that sometimes you’re too straightforward with people in the first meeting itself, raised eyebrows and shocked expressions are guaranteed. Having said that, I would like to add – being frank does not imply giving a free reign to malice and constructing words for the sole purpose of wounding someone’s feelings.

We’ve always heard how “Honesty is the best policy” during our formative years. Kids are extremely open about their opinions. They say that : When a man says something cruel to you he’s being mean. When a woman says something negative about you she’s just jealous BUT when a kid says something, it’s most definitely true.

So why not make it a Moral Code- To say what is true !

Agree or Disagree (Its completely your call) ? Be honest and tell me what you think ! 😉