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There is some comfort in the fact that if you were stranded on a deserted island with a kitchen and a fully stocked pantry, you wouldn’t die of hunger. Dying of boredom is another matter entirely !

Larning how to cook means that you don’t have to depend on your mom or the pizza delivery guy to satiate your hunger pangs. Ever ! Feeling independent doesn’t get any more awesome than this.



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Hundreds of ingredients, thousands of ways to combine them to create a million different delectable dishes ! Experimenting with flavours or cooking techniques invariably brings out your creative best. Having said that, not all experiments end in success. You just learn to take the disastrous ones in your stride. Putting your grey cells to work doesn’t get any more inspiring than this !



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Every city, every town, every country has its own way with food. Exploring a place through its culinary heritage is educational , fascinating, not to mention an absolute treat for your taste buds. Imagine recreating and eating Waffles from Belgium, Tacos from Texas, Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding from England and Tandoori Chicken from India ! Upholding your identity as the citizen of the world doesn’t get any more fantastic than this !



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‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. No, this isn’t a decleration made by someone who flunked biology. Well, this much exhausted piece of advice wouldn’t have lived for this long if it weren’t true. And this applies not only for men, but practically everyone from your teacher to your dog. Winning someone over doesn’t get any easier than this.



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Bake lemon cake, or tart, or curd. You will be appaled at the Plethora of things you can make from the same boring, old ingredients that you find in your fridge. We all know about comfort food, but we strongly believe that comfort cooking is also a thang. Cooking can be a stress buster and in some cases even therapeutic. Giving life your best shot doesn’t get any better than this.



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In this day and age, no one can possibly resist Food porn on Instagram. That moment of glory when you get more likes since you’re the one to have concorted a culinary masterpiece, is priceless. Impressing people doesn’t get any easier than this.


There are two types of people in this world. Those who love talking over the phone and the other, who will do anything to avoid them. If you are a part of the latter category (for reasons ranging from ; a preference for face-to-face interactions, the need to look at the other person’s expressions while you talk, innate introversion, inability to articulate your thoughts while on the phone, a strong liking and sense of ease with texting or just plain dislike for any form of social contact) read on !



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Do you feel the need to mentally prepare yourself to pick up that phone and dial a number ? *We feel you* To overcome this dread, we often try and think of the things we want to say in our heads. Perfect our lines, so to speak. The more we hesitate, the harder it gets.

Don’t even get us started on the fearful anticipation that comes along with our ringtone. The wild frenzy of trying to think of the reason someone is calling you accompanied with the last minute dash to come up with your response is nerve-wracking to say the least. Our ringtones might as well be “The Rains of Castemere” *Shudder* Life would be so much simpler if along with Caller ID we got to see the exact reason someone was calling us for. Alice *wants to gossip*, Eric *will beg for money*, Sam *wants to invite you to a party* 🙂 We could screen calls that we want to take and just ignore the rest.



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The most common question we’re asked – What’s up ? What’s new ? A question that begs us to analyze our life and rack our brains for an answer that’s suitable. #NothingMuch doesn’t count !



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So we’ve braced ourselves and made the dreaded call, successfully manoeuvred the conversation due to our meticulous preparation BUT alas ! When faced with *Awkward Silence* our grey cells just refuse to function.



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What’s worse than being on the phone with one person ? Being on a conference call ! Keeping track of who’s saying what, trying to avoid a situation where several people respond at the same time, finding the right time to have your say, making sure you’re not just a mute listener – phew ! Conference calls sure are hard work.



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So you’ve wished the person on the other end a very happy birthday / anniversary and politely enquired about their plans for the day. What next ? How do you ensure that the conversation doesn’t inevitably end in a awkward pause ? Tell us if you find a way. Does practising on a banana phone help ?



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You love your significant other. Very much. But you can’t seem to spend hours happily chatting on the phone like other couples do. How do you convince him / her that it isn’t because your love for them is any less ? How do you make them understand that need to avoid phone calls is just who you are ?


[A] ARROW (Genre – Action, Crime) Based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow, this is a show for those who like Superheroes. Watch how a billionaire playboy started fighting crime in his city with a bow and arrow in the age of big-ass guns.

ALCATRAZ (Genre – Sci-Fi, Action, Crime) Inmates and guards of the Alcatraz Prison disappear in 1963 under inexplicable circumstances. They begin to come back in the present day but they haven’t aged at all. alcatraz

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[B] BREAKING BAD (Genre – Crime, Drama, Thriller) What happens when a Chemistry genius starts to produce and sell crystal meth to provide for his family’s finances.

BRAIN GAMES (Genre – Reality TV, Documentary) A National Geographic series that is all about the Human Brain. Experiments, facts, Interactive games that makes us understand our brain better (how it works, what are its limitations etc)

BONES (Genre – Crime, Drama) An FBI Special Agent partners with a Forensic Anthropologist to solve crimes by examining human remains a.k.a bones.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (Genre – Comedy) 4 Science Nerds and 1 Beautiful Blonde ! The hilarity that ensues when these two opposite worlds interact is what this show is all about.

[C] CASTLE (Genre – Crime, Drama, Comedy) When an attractive Homicide Detective of NYPD and a charming Mystery Novelist form an alliance to crack crime cases in the city, sparks fly.

CRIMINAL MINDS (Genre – Crime, Drama, mystery) The Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI is tasked with profiling criminals/unsubs so that they can be one step ahead of them.

CHUCK (Genre – Action, comedy) Chuck Bartowski is the typical geek until an e-mail from his ex-roommate turns his world upside down. Chuck is now endowed with all the data of “The Intersect” which was subliminally implanted into his brain. (The Intersect is a super-secret database of the CIA and the NSA !)

[D] DEXTER (Genre – Action, Crime, Thriller) Are all serial killers bad ? Do you think you could ever cheer on a serial killer ? Dexter is the quintessential anti-hero – a boring lab geek by day and serial killer by night. dexter

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DOWNTOWN ABBEY (Genre – Drama) It gives a glimpse of the British high-society in the Post-Edwardian Era through the lives of the Crawley family.

DRAKE AND JOSH (Genre – Comedy) The escapades of stepbrothers Drake and Josh, who are polar opposites of each other. One is a shy, intelligent and socially awkward goody two shoes while the other is a charming, popular and not-so academically bright guitarist. Add into this mix, a cunning little sister whose favourite past-time is to get her brothers into trouble and you have a great show.

[E] ENTOURAGE (Genre – Comedy, Drama) Everybody has their own group, gang or clique. Call it by whatever name but one’s “Entourage” is where all the fun in life comes from. Follow Vincent Chase and his entourage through the glitzy world of Hollywood in this HBO Series.

[F] F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Genre – Comedy) One of the best shows in this genre and still going strong nearly 20 years after its pilot aired, it revolves around the lives of six friends living in NYC; their adventures at work, romantic pursuits and family issues. Laughter guaranteed.

FULL HOUSE (Genre – Family Sitcom) The life of Danny Tanner (recently widowed) who is the doting father to 3 beautiful girls and to help him raise them are his best friend and brother-in-law.

[G] GOSSIP GIRL (Genre – Drama, Romance) This show revolves around wealthy (and stylish !) teens of the Upper East Side in NYC whose lives spell Drama with a capital D. gossip girl

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GAME OF THRONES (Genre – Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Drama) The fight for the Iron Throne is on. Power plays, Murder, deceit, political alliances and sexual intrigue are common; because when you play the game of thrones you win or you die !

GREY’S ANATOMY (Genre – Medical, Drama) It follows the lives of interns and doctors at Seattle Grace hospital – their private and professional lives and how they steer through them. The voiceover of Meredith Grey at the end of each episode is quite impactful.

[H] HOUSE M.D. (Genre – Drama, Mystery) An extremely gifted and witty doctor along with his team try to treat patients with unusual cases.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Genre – Comedy, Romance) Ted Mosby recounts the events that led him to meet his wife to his kids. His adventures with his gang of friends, happy and sad times, relationships and breakups, life-lessons and more.

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HOUSE OF CARDS (Genre – Political Drama) Frank Underwood and Claire, a shrewd couple set out to take revenge against those who stabbed a knife in their backs.

HOMELAND (Genre – Mystery, Thriller, Drama) A CIA officer is convinced that Nicholas Brody, who returned home after 8 years of confinement in Iraq, is not the war hero everyone seems to think he is. Follow her through her quest as she will stop at nothing to prove it.

[I] IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (Genre – Comedy) The story of 4 friends who are co-owners of an Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

[J] JUST FOR LAUGHS (Genre – Comedy) Don’t we just love to watch pranks being played on unsuspecting people ? This show does just that and you can see it all through their hidden camera footage.

[K] KYLE XY (Genre – Mystery, Sci-fi) Kyle has no recollection of who he is or where he’s been. Human emotions are alien to him but he has mysterious psychic powers. Watch him try to adjust with his new family and unravel his past.

[L] LOST (Genre – Adventure, Drama, Fantasy) What happens to the passengers of an airplane after it crashes on an island that is deserted. Or is it ?

[M] MAD MEN (Genre – Drama) The series follows Don Draper, a Creative Director at an Advertising firm. It is a Period Drama where we see snippets of his work, his romantic liaisons and life in the 1960s.

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MODERN FAMILY (Genre – Comedy) Families are fun, supportive, caring and sometimes even weird, exasperating and difficult to handle. Watch the various shades of 3 inter-related families in this mockumentary styled show.

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