The ugly truth – stress has become an inevitable part of our life. No matter who you are, what you do or where you’re from; stress doesn’t discriminate. I happen to know a few people who’ve made stress such an intrinsic part of their daily routine, that they’ve literally become addicted to it.

Now, many of us have heard of various techniques to handle stress; exercise, having a balanced diet, meditation, thinking positively, cooking – the list is endless. But we often fail miserably while doing so, or worse don’t even feel like trying out these techniques. So here is a compilation of my own personal stress-busters.


Photo Credit: wstera2 via Compfight cc

    1. Walk barefoot on grass – This is something my grandfather always did. You may have heard many benefits of a morning jog, but walking barefoot on grass is something many Indians indulge in. Positives include- reducing anxiety and depression, moderating heart rate variability, etc. in addition to reducing stress levels. It’s a nice feeling when the oh so cool dew touches your soul…oops I mean the soles of your feet. Goodbye Treadmills, Hello nature!
    2. Smile – Watch comedy. Any sitcom can work here but I recommend F.R.I.E.N.D.S as it a great pick me up. If you can’t do so, then cheat by simply forcing a smile, no really! Being a psychology student, I have learnt that smiling reduces levels of cortisol- a stress-related hormone. So, even if it is forced smile, your mood will be automatically elevated in no time
    3. Scream – Rid yourself of all the pent up frustration by screaming. Loud ! Worried that people will think you’re crazy or judge you ? At this moment, your mental well-being matters much more than anyone else’s mental opinions.
    4. Sleep – Have a lot of tasks at hand and can’t decide where to start or how to go about finishing them ? Forget everything and just go take a nap. Seriously! Sleep on it and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. This will enable you to think more rationally, you’ll feel more composed and it’ll help calm your jittery nerves. Most people do exactly the opposite, burn the midnight oil. This could leave you with a headache and sore eyes. I say – Love your body and respect the fact that you NEED sleep.
    5. Take a food bath – Nurture your body with nature’s goodness; replace your ordinary soap/chemical-rich beauty products with organic food items. Incorporate ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, cucumbers, milk or potato slices into your regular beauty regimen. Not only would this benefit your skin in various ways in the long term, you also feel relaxed. If you look good, you feel good. Take your time and enjoy. This is a great substitute for all the expensive oils and fragrances people generally tell you to use.

What’s your personal Stress Buster ? No matter how wacky it is, let us know by commenting below.