This is the second post in the SATC series. Read the first one – 10 Poignant Questions Raised by Carrie Bradshaw in #SexAndTheCity here.

1. Best friends = Soul-mates

When Charlotte York observed, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” it opened up a whole new world of thought. Partners may come and go but your friends stay with you through thick and thin, so it is only natural that we accord the coveted “Soulmate” status to them !


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2. You DON’T have to succumb under societal pressure with respect to marriage/ children

Society never ceases trying to make everyone adhere to what they think is “right”. The right age to get married, the right time to have kids, the right number of kids and so on and so forth. But it is high time we do only what’s right for us. Case in point – Miranda had a baby (and raised him) with Steve but didn’t marry him until she was certain he was “the one” and that’s what she wanted to do. She didn’t let the fear of “what people might say/ think” affect her life-changing decision.


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3. Marriages are hard work

After the big fat wedding, with the princessy dress and the enchanting venue comes the hard part. Every (Yes ! each and every single one) marriage has issues / problems that the couple has to work through. Even Carrie and Mr.Big’s marriage hit a rough patch.


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If you love designer labels, shoes and a dose of retail therapy every now and then, you should definitely work hard and save enough to get yourself a walk-in closet.

Manolo Blahnik

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5. It’s alright to frankly discuss sex

With people you are close to ofcourse ! Your friends and even your partner. It should not be considered shameful or wrong. Having said that, this does NOT mean that lewd/ obscene comments should be encouraged. Healthy and meaningful discussions about sex help inform, educate and ward against STDs and unwanted pregnancy.


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6. Every relationship has problems

Everyone has issues. Trust issues, Communication issues, Over-Spending, Possessiveness, Jealousy, Anger-management issues etc. Since each one of us is flawed, so are our relationships !


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Carrie Bradshaw. The three things that come to mind when we hear this name –

Shoes. Shoes. And more Shoes.

Ok seriously, setting aside Carrie’s love for Manolo Blahniks, her walk-in closet choc-a-block with fashionable clothes and the faults in her personality (no one is perfect) ; she wondered about relationships and sex. Her musings were often given the form of questions in her column “Sex and the City”. Some of them were really powerful, some have boggled us for ages, some with no apparent answers and some we’ve all asked more than once.

Here’s 10 of them that touched a chord with us and made us ponder. Not that we’re any closer to finding answers than she ever was. If you loved #SexAndTheCity as much as we did, read on !

(Disclaimer – We are no experts, we do not claim to have answers or insights into the mysterious world of relationships.)

 1. “In a city like New York, with its infinite possibilities, has monogamy become too much to expect?”

In this day and age, is it possible for a couple to stay true to each other throughout their lives ? Esther Perel explores in her book “Mating in Captivity: Sex, Lies and Domestic Bliss” that desire, excitement, mystery slowly wane and give way to security, reliability and safety. So, can we keep the spark in our relationships alive? Can we prevent our partners from looking for excitement outside the relationship ? What if someone does not believe in monogamy, if for them polygamy is perfectly natural and acceptable ? Does everyone expect monogamy or does it differ from person to person ?

2. “Is cheating like the proverbial tree in the forest? That it doesn’t exist if there’s no one around to catch you?”

For most people, infidelity is a sign of betrayal. The lying, sneaking, hiding is often more painful than the actual act of cheating. On the other side of the scale, some believe that its alright as long as your partner doesn’t know about it. Is ignorance bliss ? Relationship expert Esther Perel urges us to “rethink infidelity”. Is it inevitable ?

3. “In a city as cynical as New York, is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?” 

Is love at first sight a figment of our imagination ? Something that exists only in romance novels, fairy tales and movies or we just too cynical to see it ? Have the harsh realities of the modern world sapped our beliefs ?

4. “Can you be friends with an ex?”

They say that you cannot be friends with an ex. That after everything you’ve been through, you can’t possibly go back to the way it was before. There are too many memories, feelings, emotions that prevent you being on decent terms with an ex. But is that always the case ? Doesn’t time heal all ? Is it not possible for us to look beyond the failure of our relationship and cherish the bond of friendship ?

5. “Inside every confident, driven, single woman, is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved? Was Charlotte right? Do women just wanna be rescued?” 

Are all women damsels in distress, waiting for their knight in shining armour ? Is their independence just a façade? If yes, is this the result of societal conditioning where women are constantly told that they need a man to “complete” them? Have all the fairy-tales and romance filled films subconsciously ingrained the “happily ever after” syndrome in women across the globe?

6. “To be in a couple, do you have to put your single self on a shelf?”

When you are in a relationship, you share a lot of things with your partner/ spouse – you share your feelings, your dreams and future, often even your home. Does this mean you have to stay joined at the hip at all times? Is there a line where your shared life ends and your private life starts? If a partner wants some “alone time” to pursue his /her interests or meet friends outside of his/ her relationship, is that too much to ask? Is someone in a relationship allowed to keep certain things to himself/ herself or is it a given that he/ she must tell the partner absolutely everything? Is it reasonable to expect your partner to share everything with you or is a little bit of mystery actually good in the long run?

7. “When will waiting for the one be done?”

The One. The belief that there is someone out there who is PERFECT for you. So you try to find this person. Some are lucky while some are still looking. Some have created a warped image of the one and are comparing everyone they meet to that image and its impossible standards. The bar has been raised too high, which inevitably leads them to let go off perfectly good potential partners just because they aren’t “the one”.

8. “When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews ?”

When we receive compliments, we generally thank the person in question for complimenting us. Sometimes though, we don’t believe them. Their compliment might just be out of politeness or kindness we think. Maybe they have an ulterior motive which is why they are buttering us up. When someone says something negative about us or criticizes us however, we’re hurt. It is like a bolt to our hearts. Is what they said true, we wonder. Even if uttered by someone we don’t like, we stop and consider it. We ask our friends/ family if they think the same, wanting to reassure ourselves. Why do we not give the same consideration to our best reviews?

9. “Soul mates: reality or torture device?”

Soul mate. The person who is meant for you, who you will meet in serendipitous circumstances and fall irrevocably in love with. Are they just in our minds, to make us feel better about the world, to make us feel less lonely ? Does this belief do more harm than good when try as we might we are unable to find our Soul mate? What of people who try to mould their partners into their idea of a perfect match?

10. You tell us by leaving a comment below. Which of Carrie’s questions made you ponder ?

This is the first post in the SATC series. Read the second one – What #SexAndTheCity Taught Me here.


1. Travelogues turn you on


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Be it in the form of books, magazines, feature films, television shows or documentaries.  Pouring over pages after pages of travel related articles, sitting glued to your chair while watching a travel based show or listening to someone recount their adventurous travel tales excites you, entices you and makes you happy.

2. Researching a new place is your forte


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Discovering snippets of information on a town’s history, its art and culture, monuments or
tourist attractions is an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience. You would happily burn the midnight oil studying about a faraway land from the comfort of your own home.

3. Discussing different cities / cultures is your favourite pastime


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Exchanging information on rituals, beliefs, food, laws etc with other like-minded
people keeps you going. If you meet someone well-travelled, you pick their brains about their journey, what they saw and what they experienced.

4. You know as much about a place as a local resident

Confused Tourist

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You might not remember the last time you actually packed your bags and hopped onto  a bus / train / airplane, but you probably know more than an average tourist who  just visits the popular ‘touristy haunts’ and does not feel the need to explore, take in the
very essence of an area.

Actual travel may be limited to wishful thinking for you, but in no way means that you are unaware of the world around you. You might be an armchair traveller by choice, due to restricted time / resources or any other personal / professional reason but you know your lust for anything travel related isn’t lesser than anyone else.


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[N] NUMB 3 RS (Genre – Crime, Drama)

Are you one of those who thought that the Algebra and Trigonometry we were made to learn at school served absolutely no purpose ? Watch Charlie, a mathematician, help his elder brother Don (an FBI Agent) solve crimes using mathematics !


Photo Credit: eraine via Compfight cc

THE NEWSROOM (Genre – Drama)

Explore the workings of a News Channel in this HBO Series. The central character is Will McAvoy, anchor of News Night.

[O] THE O.C. (Genre – Drama, Romance, Comedy)

The O.C = Orange County, California. The Cohen family adopts a troubled teen Ryan Atwood and he suddenly finds himself in the midst of a rich, superficial and materialistic community.

[P] PRISON BREAK (Genre – Crime, Action)

What happens when a man is falsely convicted, put on death row and his brother vows to break him out of the prison by getting himself in ?

PERSON OF INTEREST (Genre – Crime, Drama)

A mysterious Billionaire hires an ex-CIA officer to prevent crimes that are predicted to happen in the future by a super computer.

PERCEPTION (Genre – Crime, Drama)

The FBI seeks out the help of a genius neuroscience professor in examining extremely difficult cases. Will his schizophrenic hallucinations come in the way or actually help him solve these cases ?

[R] REVENGE (Genre – Drama, Psychological, Mystery)

Everything she loved and held dear was taken away from Amanda Clarke. Her father was framed, falsely accused and imprisoned thereafter. He was killed by the very same people who framed him and now his daughter is out to get revenge.

[S] SHERLOCK(Genre – Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Adventure)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character brought to life yet again in this BBC show where Sherlock and John Watson team up to solve crimes.


Photo Credit: bellaphon via Compfight cc

SUITS (Genre – Legal, Comedy, Drama)

What happens when one of the best lawyers in town hires a talented young man who’s never been to law school to be his associate ?

SEINFELD (Genre – Comedy)

Ever wondered how comedians get material for their jokes ? Watch the life of a comedian (Jerry Seinfeld) unfold on screen. His friends and family, his normal routine and how he finds humour in them.

SUPERNATURAL (Genre – Fantasy, Action, Mystery)

Two brothers make it their mission to nab evil supernatural creatures.

THE SOPRANOS (Genre – Crime, Drama)

Explore the life of a Mafia capo (Tony Soprano) through the sessions with his therapist. The show is about how he tackles his professional and private life.

[T] TWO AND A HALF MEN (Genre – Comedy)

Charlie is a carefree Casanova living in a beach front house. Hilarity ensues when his brother has to move in with him after his ex-wife throws him out. Add to this mix his son who visits on the weekends and Charlie’s smart-mouth housekeeper and you have the perfect recipe for laughter.

[U] UGLY BETTY (Genre – Drama, Comedy)

The adventures of Betty Suarez, an “ugly” girl who is given an opportunity to be an Assistant to the Editor of Mode magazine (Arguably one of New York’s most popular Fashion magazine). Watch Betty’s tryst with the big bad world of Fashion.

[V] THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (Genre – Fantasy, Drama, Romance)

Elena Gilbert’s life changes completely when she meets Stefan Salvatore and his brother Damon.

vampire diaries

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc

[W] THE WALKING DEAD (Genre – Drama, Horror)

Rick Grimes wakes up to find that the world has been overtaken by Zombies ! There are only a handful of survivors, how will they cope ?

WHITE COLLAR (Genre – Crime, Drama)

The tagline of this show sums it up pretty nicely – To solve the toughest crimes, hire the smartest criminal. A white collar criminal assists an FBI Agent to put other criminals behind bars.

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY ? (Genre – Comedy)

Performers who make up songs and comic scenes instantly (in response to prompts given by the host or the audience), which will surely tickle your funny bone.

[X] THE X-FILES (Genre – Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystery)

Two FBI Agents, of contrasting views are tasked with investigating inexplicable cases involving strange supernatural occurrences.

[Y] YES, MINISTER & YES, PRIME MINISTER (Genre – Comedy, Politics)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the Prime Minister ? Follow Jim Hacker, his struggles and elevation from Cabinet Minister to the British Prime Minister.

[Z] ZORRO (Genre – Adventure, Romance)

Don Diego de la Vega has an alter-ego called El Zorro. Watch him defend people from the enemy Alcalde.

Which show is your favourite ?


[A] ARROW (Genre – Action, Crime) Based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow, this is a show for those who like Superheroes. Watch how a billionaire playboy started fighting crime in his city with a bow and arrow in the age of big-ass guns.

ALCATRAZ (Genre – Sci-Fi, Action, Crime) Inmates and guards of the Alcatraz Prison disappear in 1963 under inexplicable circumstances. They begin to come back in the present day but they haven’t aged at all. alcatraz

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[B] BREAKING BAD (Genre – Crime, Drama, Thriller) What happens when a Chemistry genius starts to produce and sell crystal meth to provide for his family’s finances.

BRAIN GAMES (Genre – Reality TV, Documentary) A National Geographic series that is all about the Human Brain. Experiments, facts, Interactive games that makes us understand our brain better (how it works, what are its limitations etc)

BONES (Genre – Crime, Drama) An FBI Special Agent partners with a Forensic Anthropologist to solve crimes by examining human remains a.k.a bones.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (Genre – Comedy) 4 Science Nerds and 1 Beautiful Blonde ! The hilarity that ensues when these two opposite worlds interact is what this show is all about.

[C] CASTLE (Genre – Crime, Drama, Comedy) When an attractive Homicide Detective of NYPD and a charming Mystery Novelist form an alliance to crack crime cases in the city, sparks fly.

CRIMINAL MINDS (Genre – Crime, Drama, mystery) The Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI is tasked with profiling criminals/unsubs so that they can be one step ahead of them.

CHUCK (Genre – Action, comedy) Chuck Bartowski is the typical geek until an e-mail from his ex-roommate turns his world upside down. Chuck is now endowed with all the data of “The Intersect” which was subliminally implanted into his brain. (The Intersect is a super-secret database of the CIA and the NSA !)

[D] DEXTER (Genre – Action, Crime, Thriller) Are all serial killers bad ? Do you think you could ever cheer on a serial killer ? Dexter is the quintessential anti-hero – a boring lab geek by day and serial killer by night. dexter

 Photo Credit: Chesi – Fotos CC via Compfight cc

DOWNTOWN ABBEY (Genre – Drama) It gives a glimpse of the British high-society in the Post-Edwardian Era through the lives of the Crawley family.

DRAKE AND JOSH (Genre – Comedy) The escapades of stepbrothers Drake and Josh, who are polar opposites of each other. One is a shy, intelligent and socially awkward goody two shoes while the other is a charming, popular and not-so academically bright guitarist. Add into this mix, a cunning little sister whose favourite past-time is to get her brothers into trouble and you have a great show.

[E] ENTOURAGE (Genre – Comedy, Drama) Everybody has their own group, gang or clique. Call it by whatever name but one’s “Entourage” is where all the fun in life comes from. Follow Vincent Chase and his entourage through the glitzy world of Hollywood in this HBO Series.

[F] F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Genre – Comedy) One of the best shows in this genre and still going strong nearly 20 years after its pilot aired, it revolves around the lives of six friends living in NYC; their adventures at work, romantic pursuits and family issues. Laughter guaranteed.

FULL HOUSE (Genre – Family Sitcom) The life of Danny Tanner (recently widowed) who is the doting father to 3 beautiful girls and to help him raise them are his best friend and brother-in-law.

[G] GOSSIP GIRL (Genre – Drama, Romance) This show revolves around wealthy (and stylish !) teens of the Upper East Side in NYC whose lives spell Drama with a capital D. gossip girl

 Photo Credit: bitchymode via Compfight cc

GAME OF THRONES (Genre – Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Drama) The fight for the Iron Throne is on. Power plays, Murder, deceit, political alliances and sexual intrigue are common; because when you play the game of thrones you win or you die !

GREY’S ANATOMY (Genre – Medical, Drama) It follows the lives of interns and doctors at Seattle Grace hospital – their private and professional lives and how they steer through them. The voiceover of Meredith Grey at the end of each episode is quite impactful.

[H] HOUSE M.D. (Genre – Drama, Mystery) An extremely gifted and witty doctor along with his team try to treat patients with unusual cases.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Genre – Comedy, Romance) Ted Mosby recounts the events that led him to meet his wife to his kids. His adventures with his gang of friends, happy and sad times, relationships and breakups, life-lessons and more.

himym Photo Credit: Domien Verschuuren via Compfight cc

HOUSE OF CARDS (Genre – Political Drama) Frank Underwood and Claire, a shrewd couple set out to take revenge against those who stabbed a knife in their backs.

HOMELAND (Genre – Mystery, Thriller, Drama) A CIA officer is convinced that Nicholas Brody, who returned home after 8 years of confinement in Iraq, is not the war hero everyone seems to think he is. Follow her through her quest as she will stop at nothing to prove it.

[I] IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (Genre – Comedy) The story of 4 friends who are co-owners of an Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

[J] JUST FOR LAUGHS (Genre – Comedy) Don’t we just love to watch pranks being played on unsuspecting people ? This show does just that and you can see it all through their hidden camera footage.

[K] KYLE XY (Genre – Mystery, Sci-fi) Kyle has no recollection of who he is or where he’s been. Human emotions are alien to him but he has mysterious psychic powers. Watch him try to adjust with his new family and unravel his past.

[L] LOST (Genre – Adventure, Drama, Fantasy) What happens to the passengers of an airplane after it crashes on an island that is deserted. Or is it ?

[M] MAD MEN (Genre – Drama) The series follows Don Draper, a Creative Director at an Advertising firm. It is a Period Drama where we see snippets of his work, his romantic liaisons and life in the 1960s.

mad men Photo Credit: Pr3liator via Compfight cc

MODERN FAMILY (Genre – Comedy) Families are fun, supportive, caring and sometimes even weird, exasperating and difficult to handle. Watch the various shades of 3 inter-related families in this mockumentary styled show.

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